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Title: PLANNING AND PROGRAMMING COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED (4-0): A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award and execute a 37-month Firm Fixed Price Contract No. AE354280011791, to RNL Interplan, Inc. in the amount of $3,835,439 for a base contract to develop advanced conceptual engineering design documents (60% design development drawings) for the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station Improvements Project (Project) and one of two optional tasks to advance the design to the construction document stage through either i) a Design/Build project delivery method in an amount not to exceed $800,000; or ii) a Design/Bid/Build project delivery method in an amount not to exceed $1,920,629 for a total not to exceed amount of $5,756,068; B. AFFIRMING the Board's previous commitment to provide $16 million in local match funding in line with the funding requirements of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Act (TIGER) VI Discretionary G...
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OCTOBER 14, 2015













A.                      AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award and execute a 37-month Firm Fixed Price Contract No. AE354280011791, to RNL Interplan, Inc. in the amount of $3,835,439 for a base contract to develop advanced conceptual engineering design documents (60% design development drawings) for the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station Improvements Project (Project) and one of two optional tasks to advance the design to the construction document stage through either i) a Design/Build project delivery method in an amount not to exceed $800,000; or ii) a Design/Bid/Build project delivery method in an amount not to exceed $1,920,629 for a total not to exceed amount of $5,756,068;


B.                      AFFIRMING the Board’s previous commitment to provide $16 million in local match funding in line with the funding requirements of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Act (TIGER) VI Discretionary Grant program;


C.                      APPROVING a Preliminary Project Funding Plan which includes additional funding up to $32.8 million to be sourced from state or local funds to cover any funding gaps.


D.                     APPROVING Contract Modification Authority specific to Contract No. AE354280011791 in the amount of $1,151,214 or 20% of the total contract value, to cover the costs of any unforeseen design issues that may arise during the course of the contract.




In February 2011, the Board approved the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station Master Plan as a guiding document for the Station, and directed staff to return with a life-of-project estimate and a proposed funding and implementation plan to achieve the proposed improvements. Subsequent Board actions authorized funding for design and engineering services, and directed the CEO to complete the environmental review and begin appraisals for the required land acquisition.


To proceed with the Project, staff requires architecture and engineering services to advance the Project from existing conceptual design to 60 percent Design Development drawings pending the selected project delivery approach.


In addition, in order to ensure the full Project implementation, staff is requesting the Board to affirm its April, 2014 commitment to provide the full $16 million in local funding associated with the TIGER VI award and approve a Preliminary Funding Plan which provides for an additional funding of up to $32.8 million in state or local funds to cover any funding gap. Should additional grant resources be secured, the amount of required Metro funding would be reduced. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requires this full funding commitment in order to move forward with execution of a TIGER grant award for the Project.




Project Overview

The Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station (Station) is a major regional transit hub connecting the Metro Blue and Green Lines to numerous Metro and municipal bus lines and community shuttles. The Station experiences the fourth highest number of passenger boardings in the Metro Rail system, yet suffers from the highest number of reported station crimes within the Metro service area. The Station is located in Willowbrook, an economically distressed community within unincorporated Los Angeles County that has a very high transit-dependent population (see Attachment A - Location Map). As currently configured, the Station suffers from: a lack of safe connections to the surrounding community; difficult wayfinding among transit elements exacerbated by a lack of illumination beneath the I-105 freeway where much of the intermodal connections currently occur; circulation facilities (elevators, escalators, etc.) that have exceeded their useful life; capacity limitations; and overall security and safety challenges.


The proposed Project will invest in a significant modernization and enhancement of the Station. Critical to addressing the pressing needs of the Station is the development of a new, open-air Civic Plaza to serve as a Station “gateway” and house a new Metro Customer Service Center, Security Facility, and Mobility Hub. Circulation improvements to enhance pedestrian safety and experience include a new Transit Hall beneath the freeway with lighting and acoustical features, and the replacement or upgrade of functionally obsolete vertical circulation elements. The Metro Blue Line platform will be extended south to relieve overcrowding and connect to a new proposed Station entrance within the Civic Plaza. The existing bus depots will be reconfigured and upgraded with new canopy shelters and lighting. Additionally, Station-wide site work (including reconfiguration of the existing Park & Ride lots), landscaping, and signage will be implemented to improve safety and circulation within the Station, and enhance connections to the surrounding community, including nearby medical, educational and cultural assets which are experiencing a renaissance. (Additional information on the proposed Site Plan and Project improvements is provided as Attachment B - Project Fact Sheet.)


The Project is to be implemented in partnership with the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC) which will contribute the fee ownership, at no cost, approximately 1.5 acres of the adjacent Kenneth Hahn Plaza Shopping Center necessary to construct the Civic Plaza and improve access to the Station. Appraisals are currently under review to support the transaction, which includes valuation of the third-party leasehold interest for improvements on the site to be acquired by Metro.


Significant efforts are also underway surrounding the Station to transform the area into a transit-oriented community. In 2014 Metro awarded a Transit-Oriented Development Planning Grant to the County to develop a TOD specific plan for the ½-mile area surrounding the Station. The area has seen significant public and private investment in recent years, most notably with the $172 million expansion and renovation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Center and Outpatient facility, the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, and a 102-unit senior housing project and library across the street from the Station, which is expected to break ground next year. In partnership with Metro, the County has also developed a comprehensive streetscape and bike plan for the corridors connecting to the Station, and will be underway with the first phase of these improvements in 2016.


The existing conceptual design for this project will be elevated to an advanced conceptual engineering design stage. The program is structured with optional tasks to support either a Design/Build or Design/Bid/Build approach.  Metro will determine the approach at or before the 60 percent design submittal.  Since the project specifics are not well defined and the project delivery path is not yet determined, staff recommends authorizing contract modification authority up to 20 percent of the total contract value (equivalent to $1,151,214) to cover the cost of any unforeseen design support services that may be required to support project delivery.



In January 2014, under item No. 59, the Board directed the CEO to develop a detailed Iife-of-project budget estimate and to identify potential funding sources for the Project. A detailed life-of-project cost estimate was prepared identifying a total of $66.7 million in life-of-project costs. The plan to fund the life-of-project cost is detailed in the table below and included as Attachment C (Preliminary Funding Plan). A summary of the funding plan is provided in the table below.


Table 1: Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Funding Plan Summary ($ in millions)




April 2014 Metro Authorization for Preliminary Engineering

$  4.00

Federal (TIGER)


Local TIGER Match


Local and/or State TIRCP (Cap and Trade) funds


State Active Transportation Program

$  2.90

County CDC (in-kind)

$  0.75




[1]  Costs estimate is fully loaded and adjusted to assume YOE 2018.                      

[2] State Cap and Trade funds will be allocated to maximize the timing of Metro reimbursements and to comply with the usage guidelines of the TIRCP grant. Other funds may be substituted as necessary and available.                     

[3] County funds represent in-kind contribution of land from Los Angeles County Community Development Commission.                                                               




At its April 2014 meeting, the Board committed $4 million to complete the Preliminary Engineering work required to implement the Station Master Plan and up to $16 million in local match funds for a TIGER VI grant application to match a $29.2 million request for TIGER funds. Though the application was successful, the FTA determined that it would fund only $10.25 million of the Project, and has asked for Metro’s commitment to fund the remainder of the Project using state or local funds. Metro staff recommends that, though the federal share was less than anticipated, the full $16 million local commitment remain in place. The contract will count towards the local match, subject to receipt of pre-award authority which is anticipated later this calendar year. Staff are requesting Board authorization to execute Contract No. AE354280011791 once pre-award authority is received from the FTA.


Cap and Trade

In June 2015, Metro was selected to receive $38.5 million in State of California Cap and Trade Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP) proceeds to fund the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station improvements, Metro Blue Line Signal System upgrades and the Washington Siding track improvements as one combined project. In order to maximize Metro’s reimbursements and comply with the usage guidelines of the grant, staff may utilize the TIRCP grant to fund Blue Line improvement projects first, and reprogram local funds previously authorized for the Blue Line improvements to complete the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station improvements.


Active Transportation Program (ATP)

In September 2015, the Project was selected to receive up to a $2.9 million in ATP funding from the State of California to complete the pedestrian promenade and bike mobility hub portions of the Project.


Having established the life-of-project estimate and secured significant non-local funds for the Project, staff recommends the approval of the Preliminary Funding Plan, which includes $10.25 million in TIGER funds and a combination of state and local funds for a total commitment of $32.8 million in addition to the $20 million in local funding for preliminary engineering and TIGER match to meet the $66.7 million Project estimate. The funding would be used for construction activities, leasehold acquisition and tenant relocation costs (in addition to the land which will be contributed to the Project by the CDC at no cost), final design/engineering and project management.



Environmental Review

The Project has been cleared under the CEQA process. After consideration of the findings as well as the environmental analysis prepared to assess the impacts of the Project, no significant impacts or adverse effects were identified. All public comments received were addressed; and have been incorporated in the Final Initial Study/Negative Declaration (IS/ND) document. Per NEPA guidelines, a Categorical Exclusion was concurred with by the FTA.


Public Outreach

The preliminary design concept was presented to five community organizations serving the Project area. On May 28, 2015, staff also hosted a Public Hearing on the Draft IS/ND to solicit comments from community members. Twenty-four hundred informational flyers regarding the public review and comment period were distributed throughout the community and at the Station. More than 30 individuals attended the hearing, which included a short presentation and opportunities to provide verbal and written feedback on the Project. Feedback included interest in the proposed mobility hub, local hire opportunities, public art and the Project’s potential to turn the Station into a stronger gateway for the community.


The final design will be developed with extensive community outreach and participation. The scope of work for the Contract includes significant support for community engagement and a variety of means to increase public participation in the design process.




The Board action will not have a negative impact on the safety of Metro’s patrons or employees. The Project will increase overall safety and security at the Station by improving lighting and visibility, adding new crossing safeguards and technology, and activating the area with new uses such as the customer service center and the bike mobility hub.




In April 2014, the Board committed $4 million in local funds to complete preliminary engineering work. Approximately $2.6 million has been set aside in the FY16 budget under Project 405555 (Rosa Parks Station Design Plan) in Cost Center 2210 (Joint Development). The proposed Funding Plan includes an additional $1.7 million to complete design work under the Contract. Since this is a multi-year contract, the Chief Planning Officer will be responsible for budgeting the cost in future years.




The Board may decline to approve award the Contract, reaffirm the $16 million previously committed TIGER Grant local match funding, and approve the Project Funding Plan which includes an additional local/state funding of $32.8M. This is not recommended because it will delay the construction of improvements on the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station which are needed to address pedestrian low, lighting and safety issues at the station, improve transfer connections at the station and create better connections to nearby destinations. This would also jeopardize state and federal funds that are in place as well as the land transaction proposed with CDC.


Commitment to implement the full Project will allow the design of the full Project to progress, ensure that the required land is secured from the CDC, and assure the FTA and the State of California of Metro’s commitment to completing the full Project. Staff has diligently researched and sought funding from external funding sources, and believe that currently available external sources have been reasonably exhausted.




Upon Board approval, staff will execute the contract to commence work subject to pre-award authority from FTA, continue negotiations for land acquisition and return to the Board for authorization to acquire the land needed for the Project.




Attachment A - Location Map

Attachment B - Project Fact Sheet

Attachment C - Preliminary Funding Plan

Attachment D - Procurement Summary

Attachment E - DEOD Summary



Prepared by:                     Wells Lawson, Director, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-7217;

                     Nick Saponara, Director, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-4313;

Cal Hollis, Managing Executive Officer, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-7319




Reviewed by: Martha Welborne, FAIA, Chief Planning Officer, (213) 922-7267

 Ivan Page, Executive Director (Interim), (213) 922-6383