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File #: 2016-0139   
Type: Contract Status: Passed
File created: 2/8/2016 In control: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting
On agenda: 3/24/2016 Final action: 3/24/2016
Title: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award a firm fixed price Contract No. AE455510019565 with Wagner Engineering and Survey Inc. (WES) for the Lone Hill to White Double Track Environmental and Preliminary Engineering Project (Project) in the amount of $1,967,376, for a two-year term.
Sponsors: Planning and Programming Committee
Indexes: Budgeting, Construction, Contracts, Double track, Measure R, Metrolink, Metrolink San Bernardino Line, Outreach, Pomona, Preliminary Engineering (Project), Procurement, Project, Railroad commuter service, Safety, Surveys, Weekdays
Attachments: 1. Attachment A - Procurement Summary, 2. Attachment B - DEOD Summary



MARCH 16, 2016












AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award a firm fixed price Contract No. AE455510019565 with Wagner Engineering and Survey Inc. (WES) for the Lone Hill to White Double Track Environmental and Preliminary Engineering Project (Project) in the amount of $1,967,376, for a two-year term.





The San Bernardino Line (SBL) is the busiest line on the Metrolink commuter rail system, averaging 11,000 boardings per weekday.  Currently, there are 38 weekday trips, including two express trips.  Approximately 70% of the SBL is single track.  Due to the mostly single track operation, there is no additional track capacity to add additional peak hour service, or to run additional express service on the SBL.  In addition, the single track severely inhibits existing operations.  The single track operation hinders dispatchers’ ability to move trains past one another.  On time performance and the ability to recover from delay suffers.  Therefore, additional track capacity on the SBL is needed to meet the current and future needs of the line. 


In September 2014, Metro, in conjunction with San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG), completed the Metrolink San Bernardino Line Infrastructure Improvement Strategic Study (SBLIISS).  The SBLIISS identified candidate projects in Los Angeles County for double tracking to add capacity and improve operational efficiency on the Metrolink San Bernardino Line.  The SBLIISS specifically identified the Lone Hill to White single track corridor as a prime candidate for double tracking.  This recommendation is based on the available right of way in this segment of the corridor and operational modeling. 


It is the intent of Metro Regional Rail to award an Architectural and Engineering (A&E) contract to provide environmental clearance and preliminary engineering for the Project.






The proposed Project is located between MP 26.5 and MP 30.4 on the Metro-owned San Gabriel subdivision, located in the cities of La Verne and San Dimas.  This phase of the Project consists of environmental clearance and 30% preliminary engineering for a double track project.  When constructed, ten at-grade crossings would also be upgraded, drainage, fencing, and signal improvements made, and utilities relocated as needed.


Approximately 1.5 miles of this project is in a residential area.  These residences are mostly on the south side of the right of way.  The conceptual layout of the second track shows it to be constructed north of the existing track.  This design will be confirmed during the process of the study.  At the commencement of this work, Metro will finalize an extensive communication campaign.  During the environmental process outreach will be conducted with the residences and the businesses in the area that will include public outreach meetings.  The engineering team will receive feedback at these meetings that will inform the project decision making process.  


The Project will also assess the feasibility of and make recommendations regarding a possible second platform at the current temporary Pomona Fairgrounds Station.  Once  this preliminary engineering and environmental work is completed, the Project will be able to compete better for funding for final design and construction. 


The Request for Proposals was issued under the Small Business Prime Set Aside Program and has approximately 64% SBE commitment.  Due to the planning nature of the project, this project will not be led by Metrolink.  Staff will be working closely with Metrolink in the initial development of this project and will review with Metrolink the practicability of Metrolink completing the detailed design and construction for the project.  In addition, this project is closely related to a similar double track project that will be developed concurrently by SANBAG.  





At this phase, the Project has no direct impacts to safety; however, the Project will be designed to be in accordance with Metrolink’s latest design and safety standards, which includes four miles of double track plus enhancements at ten at-grade crossings.  





In October 2013, the Metro Board programmed $3 million in Measure R 3% funds to begin environmental and preliminary engineering work for a four mile double track project on the Metrolink San Bernardino Line in Los Angeles County.  The total required funding from Measure R 3% for the Project is $1,967,376, of which, $400,000 is included in the FY16 budget in department 2415, Regional Rail, Project No. 460068.  Since this is a multi-year contract, the cost center manager will be accountable and responsible for budgeting the cost of future fiscal year requirements.






The Board could choose not to award the contract and decide not to advance the Lone Hill to White Double Track Project.  This alternative is not recommended since the SBL is mostly single track and additional track capacity is needed in for existing operations and to operate additional peak hour service on the SBL.  This SBLIISS recommended that the Project advance to the environmental and preliminary engineering phase.  Additionally, once completed, the Project will better compete for additional grant funding for final design and/or construction. 





Upon approval by the Board, staff will execute the contract with Wagner Engineering and Survey, Inc., and begin the environmental clearance and preliminary engineering work for the Lone Hill to White Double Track Project.





Attachment A - Procurement Summary

Attachment B - DEOD Summary



Prepared by:                      Don Sepulveda, Executive Officer, (213) 922-7491



Reviewed by:


Ivan Page, Interim Executive Director, Vendor/Contract Mgmt,

(213) 922-6383


Richard Clarke, Executive Director, Program Management (213) 922-7557