File #: 2020-0491   
Type: Contract Status: Passed
File created: 7/22/2020 In control: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting
On agenda: 8/27/2020 Final action: 8/27/2020
Title: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. Negotiate and execute a 5-year cost-plus fixed fee Contract No. PS67828 with Hill International, Inc. to provide Construction Support Services for the I-5 North HOV & Truck Enhancement Project (Project), in an amount not-to-exceed $50,000,000, and exercise 2 one-year options, when deemed appropriate; and B. Authorize the CEO to execute individual Contract Modifications within the Board approved Life of Project Budget.
Sponsors: Construction Committee
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                                                                                                                              AUGUST 20, 2020













AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to:


A.                     Negotiate and execute a 5-year cost-plus fixed fee Contract No. PS67828 with Hill International, Inc. to provide Construction Support Services for the I-5 North HOV & Truck Enhancement Project (Project), in an amount not-to-exceed $50,000,000, and exercise 2 one-year options, when deemed appropriate; and


B.                     Authorize the CEO to execute individual Contract Modifications within the Board approved Life of Project Budget.





A Construction Support Services Consultant (CSSC) is required to assist Metro staff in construction management oversight for the Project. Support services will begin in the construction contract procurement phase, continue through pre-construction activities and construction, and culminate in construction contract close. The CSSC will assist Metro staff with ensuring compliance with contract requirements and government regulations.





The Project is located both within the City of Santa Clarita and the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, and consists of capacity and safety enhancements on I-5 between the SR-14 Interchange and the Parker Road Interchange, as well as Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) improvements between the I-405 and I-210 interchanges. The Project is approximately 17 miles in total, with 13.6 centerline miles of median improvements to accommodate one HOV lane in each direction from north of SR-14 to just south of Parker Road interchange. It also includes outside improvements for auxiliary lanes at various locations between SR-14 and Parker Road to enhance freight operations and overall safety. ITS improvements, including count stations, closed-circle television (CCTV), and ramp metering will be performed along the entire alignment. The overall Project objectives are to improve public safety, enhance freight traffic flow and safety, and to ease congestion, enhance mobility, and improve regional traffic flow and travel time.





The Project is a design-bid-build project, meaning that all design plans and specifications have been 100% completed by Metro’s design consultants prior to award of a construction contract. As such, it is beneficial to have additional technical reviews of those technical bid documents by a consultant team to minimize risks to Metro during bidding and construction. The CSSC will provide review support of the technical bid documents, administration, inspection services and technical support during the bid period, and construction and close out phases of the project. The CSSC will provide skilled individuals to assist Metro with the construction management of the project. The consultant team will reside in an integrated project field office with Metro staff.


Hill International, Inc. was selected based on qualification and price criteria used to evaluate a total of five proposers. They have the experience and competence in construction support services, design-bid-build and integrated team structures on some of the most challenging and complex projects in Los Angeles County. The CSSC Contract is for a base term of five (5) years plus two (2) one-year options. The CSSC Contract will be a cost plus fixed fee contract, meaning the consultant services will be performed within the cost constraints of an Advanced Cost Agreement (ACA).  The ACA will include negotiated direct labor rates, indirect cost rates, general and administrative expenses (if applicable), fixed fee, and negotiated labor hours for the level of effort to match the work. The contract will be funded from the existing Project budget with consideration given to information available at the time of planning and applicable time constraints on performance of the work.  LACMTA Program Management shall ensure that strict project controls are in place so that LACMTA may closely monitor the expenditure of the contract not-to-exceed amount and schedule.  No funds are obligated until negotiations for each annual plan are finalized. 


Contract No. PS67828 includes an eighteen percent (18%) goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirement of the Total Contract Price.  Hill International, Inc. made a DBE Commitment of 24.99% DBE goal. DEOD will actively monitor the consultant and their subcontracting plan to ensure the awarded party will uphold their commitment to the DBE goals during the Contract.






Approval of this item will have no impact on safety.






The Project is funded on a fiscal year basis under number 460313 cost center 8510, under various accounts including Professional/Technical Services and ROW acquisitions. The CSSC contract work scope will plan and fund on an annual basis until the Life of Project Budget is established. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager and Chief Program Management Officer to budget for this project in future fiscal years.




The source of funds for this recommendation is Surface Transportation Block Grant Program, Fastlane/INFRA Grant, SB1 Trade Corridor Funding, Measure R Highway Capital and Measure M Highway Capital Funds. No other funds have been considered. These funds are not eligible for Metro’s operations of bus and rail.




The Project is consistent with the following Metro Vision 2028 Goals and Objectives:


Goal 1: Providing high-quality mobility options and improve transit efficiency;


Goals 4 and 5: Transforming LA County through regional collaboration with Caltrans and the corridor cities by contributing funds and providing resources to assist Caltrans in completion of these projects






The Board could direct Metro staff to perform construction support tasks with current in-house resources. This alternative would require Metro to divert resources from on-going projects and/or hire multiple full-time personnel that are not immediately available or funded.  Additionally, this decision would result in further schedule delay and cost increases.





After Board approval of the recommended action, staff will complete the process to award and execute Contract No. PS67828.




Attachment A - Procurement Summary

Attachment B - DEOD Summary


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