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Type: Contract Status: Passed
File created: 9/13/2022 In control: Operations, Safety, and Customer Experience Committee
On agenda: 11/17/2022 Final action: 12/1/2022
Title: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a five-year, firm fixed unit rate Contract No. OP75359-2000 to Rentokil North America, Inc. dba Isotech Pest Management to provide bus pest control services for an amount not-to-exceed $4,917,442, effective December 2022, subject to the resolution of protest(s), if any.
Sponsors: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting
Indexes: Budgeting, Certification, Cleaning, Contractors, Contracts, Maintenance, Maintenance practices, Operations Maintenance (Project), Procurement, Quality assurance, Rolling stock, Safety, Strategic planning
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NOVEMBER 17, 2022












AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a five-year, firm fixed unit rate Contract No. OP75359-2000 to Rentokil North America, Inc. dba Isotech Pest Management to provide bus pest control services for an amount not-to-exceed $4,917,442, effective December 2022, subject to the resolution of protest(s), if any.






This contract will provide Metro bus divisions with pest control services for the transit bus fleet through November 30, 2027. The objective of this service contract is to prevent pest activity and infestation using equipment and/or products that target pests in and around their harborage/breeding areas on the bus fleet.


Bus pest control services are currently being performed under a contract with ISOTECH Pest Management which is scheduled to expire on November 30, 2022. Pest control services of Metro rail cars and facilities are administered under separate contracts.





Effective pest control services are necessary to provide a clean, safe, and sanitary environment for Metro patrons and employees. The services performed under this contract will be monitored by the Metro Quality Assurance Department. To continue providing a clean, sanitary, and comfortable environment to our patrons and employees, a new contract for bus pest control services must be awarded in December 2022.


A request for proposal for pest control services was initiated in early 2022 with bids due by April 29, 2022. The evaluation process included a review of four proposals and vendor interviews. The procurement process concluded in August, with Rentokil North America, Inc. dba Isotech Pest Management receiving the highest ranking in the cost, qualification, and performance evaluation process.   





Pest control services improve the customer experience by ensuring that insects and rodents that can carry disease are prevented from infesting transit vehicles, which supports Metro’s efforts to ensure the health and safety of our passengers. This pest prevention and eradication contract includes pest control treatment for cockroaches, ants, fleas, bees, mites, bed bugs, rodents, and spiders. The areas that will be treated include inside bus control panels, behind trim molding, inside electronic compartments, floors, and subfloors, behind seat mounting plates, seat rails, beneath the floor turntable and folding bellows in articulated buses, exterior electric relay panels, interior wheel-well cavities/molding and beneath the rear bench seats.


Pest control products used by the contractor must be approved by Metro Corporate Safety, compliant with state and federal regulations, registered by the Environmental Protection Agency, and in compliance with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) that governs the registration, distribution, sale and use of pesticides in the United States.


The safety and well-being of both customers and operators are ensured by the use of approved products and application in cracks and crevices on the interior of buses. The pest control products do not leave any noticeable residue or odor, and treated buses are not placed into service until at least four hours after treatment.





Award of this contract shall ensure that the application of pest control products onboard Metro equipment is performed by a licensed contractor with certified technicians that have the training and experience to safely perform this service.     





Funding of $1,000,000 for the new contract is included in the FY23 budget in cost center 3120 Quality Assurance Department, under project 306002, Operations Maintenance, account 50320, Service Contract Services. Since this is a multi-year contract, the cost center manager and Sr. Executive Officer, Maintenance will be responsible for ensuring adequate budget for these contract services in future years.


Impact to Budget


The current source of funds for this action are applicable operating eligible Federal Funds, Proposition C, and Transportation Development Act. Use of these funding sources currently maximizes funding allocations given approved funding provisions and guidelines. This activity is part of on-going maintenance costs as pest control services are required to provide a clean and sanitary environment.





The benefits of this action are to ensure that the bus fleet that serves most regions in Los Angeles County, including many underserved communities, is able to provide safe, clean, and pest free transportation services to neighborhoods where disparities within the region can exist between residents’ access to jobs, housing, education, health, and safety.  Bus transportation provides an important lifeline for the residents in underserved communities.

This action is anticipated to support safety and quality of service on the Metro bus fleet, which disproportionately serves marginalized groups and Equity Focus Communities (EFCs).  .  As part of a comprehensive bus maintenance program, bus pest control will ensure buses remain in a State of Good Repair to provide uninterrupted transportation services for these underserved communities.


The Diversity and Economic Opportunity Department (DEOD) established a five percent (5%) DBE goal for this contract and verified the commitment by the successful bidder of this procurement in achieving this goal.





Pest control services on board Metro buses support Strategic Goal 2: Deliver outstanding trip experiences for all users of the transportation system. The routine treatment of buses will eliminate pests on board buses. This service will ensure patrons and Metro operators experience a pest-free and comfortable environment.    





An alternative is to have Metro employees perform these services; however, this is not recommended. The application of the required products to effectively eliminate unwanted pests on Metro equipment requires a California State Technician Certification. Metro employees do not possess the necessary state technician certification, equipment, or experience to safely and effectively apply the necessary pest control chemicals.





Upon approval by the Board, staff will execute Contract No. OP75359-2000 to Rentokil North America, Inc. dba Isotech Pest Management to provide bus pest control services throughout Metro bus facilities effective December 2022.





Attachment A - Procurement Summary

Attachment B - DEOD Summary



Prepared by: James Jimenez, Sr. Manager Environmental Compliance & Service

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