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Meeting Name: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 6/25/2015 9:00 AM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room
Regular Board Meeting
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: 2015-06-25 RBM Minutes 2015-06-25 RBM Minutes  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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2015-0959 2.Informational ReportAPPROVED Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held May 28, 2015, Special Board Meeting held May 28, 2015 and Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Special Board Workshop held May 21, 2015.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0963 3.Informational ReportChair’s Report.RECEIVEDFail Action details Audio Audio
2015-0001 4.Oral Report / PresentationReport of the Chief Executive Officer. · Employee of the Month · Risk Allocation MatrixRECEIVEDFail Action details Audio Audio
2015-0450 5/19.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVED: A. the summary of delegated Chief Executive Officer fund type assignments; and B. receiving and filing this information as a response to Motion 5.1 which directed staff to undertake a Fiscal Stability Overview and Funding Commitments Inventory, subject to further review and validation.approvedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0259 6.ProgramAPPROVED: A. the Southern California Regional Rail Authority’s (SCRRA) FY 2015-16 Annual Work Program pursuant to their April 17, 2015, budget transmittal (Attachment A) and subsequent May 28, 2015, revised budget transmittal (Attachment B); B. the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LACMTA) share of SCRRA FY 2015-16 Metrolink funding totaling $87,514,128 to reflect the programming of funds as follows: 1. $65,481,000 for Metrolink Operations; 2. $2,578,128 for Right of Way (ROW) Security; 3. $5,806,000 for ROTEM Reimbursement; 4. $13,074,000 for New TVM Purchase in Los Angeles County; 5. $475,000 for Capital Projects; and 6. $100,000 for one-time special events C. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to defer LACMTA’s share of SCRRA FY 2015-16 Renovation and Rehabilitation budget and extend the lapsing dates of expiring MOUs until the agreed upon cash flow and reconciliation of SCRRA’s Renovation and Rehabilitation program is provided to LACMTA or until September 30, 2015; D. the FY 2015-16 Transfers to Other OperatorsapprovedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0973 6.1.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVED Antonovich, Knabe, Solis and Najarian Motion as amended by Dupont-Walker that the Board directs the CEO to develop a policy on the use of Metrolink-dedicated sources of funding (Proposition C 10% and Measure R 3%) that embodies at minimum the following principles. A. The first priority for the use of these funding categories is for Metrolink core functions of operations, maintenance, safety and rehabilitation capital improvements, and State of Good Repair projects; B. All subordinate demands for these sources of funding shall not draw down funding from nor encumber debt upon these funding sources that are necessary to support the projected demands of Metrolink core functions unless sufficient capacity for future years can be demonstrated; and C. A quarterly written report shall be presented to the Board that reviews and tracks at minimum the project implementation timelines, cashflow, costs, and Life-of-Project budget for Metrolink (Los Angeles County) and Metro Regional Rail programs and projects. WE FURTHER MOVE that the Board directs the CEO to work with approved as amendedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0574 7.ResolutionADOPTED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. findings and recommendations (Attachment A) for allocating fiscal year (FY) 2015-16 Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 8 funds estimated at $23,988,324 as follows: 1. In the City of Avalon there are unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet, and the City of Avalon will use $146,632 of their Article 8 funds (Attachment B) for their transit services. Therefore, TDA Article 8 funds will be used to meet the unmet transit needs, as described in Attachment A; 2. In the Antelope Valley, which includes the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, and in the Los Angeles County Unincorporated areas of the Antelope Valley, transit needs are met using other funding sources, such as Proposition A and Proposition C Local Return. Therefore, TDA Article 8 funds in the amount of $6,011,397 and $5,852,688 (Lancaster and Palmdale, respectively), may be used for street and road purposes and/or transit, as long as long as their transit needs continue to be met; 3. In the Santa Clarita Valley, which includes the City of Santa Clarita and the Los AngelAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0704 8.Formula Allocation / Local ReturnAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. approving $1.8 billion in FY2016 Transit Fund Allocations for Los Angeles County jurisdictions, transit operators and Metro operations as shown in Attachments A through E and are further described in Attachment F. These allocations comply with federal and state regulations and LACMTA Board policies and guidelines: 1. Planning and Administrative allocations of Transportation Development Act (TDA), Proposition A, Proposition C and Measure R in the amount of $70.4 million as shown in Attachment A, Line 37; 2. Bus Transit Subsidies of State and Local funds in the amount of $939.5 million as shown in Attachment B and includes: 3. $6.0 million for the continuation of the Tier 2 Operators Funding Program 4. Allocation of Federal Formula Grants in the amount of $333.6 million as shown in Attachment C. 5. Proposition A Incentive Programs in the amount of $14.7 million as shown in Attachment D. 6. Proposition A Local Return, Proposition C Local Return, Measure R Local Return, TDA Article 3 (Pedestrian and Bikeways) and TDA Article 8 (StreAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0449 9.Fare / Tariff / Service ChangeADOPTED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. the proposed change to the Policy on Use of Interagency Transfers as described in Attachment A; B. finding that the proposed policy change results in a Disparate Impact but there is substantial legitimate justification for the proposed change and there are no alternatives that would have a less disparate impact on minority riders; and C. the recommendation to distribute up to 1 million TAP cards free to bus riders purchasing transfers in advance of the effective date of the policy to address the underlying cause of the Disparate Impact finding (current TAP card possession).APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0478 14.ContractAPPROVED AS AMENDED: A. adopting the Regional Bikeshare Implementation Plan for Los Angeles County (“Plan”) (Attachment B). B. awarding a two-year firm fixed price Contract No. PS272680011357 (RFP No. PS11357), to Bicycle Transit Systems, Inc. (BTS) for the equipment, installation and operations of the Metro Countywide Bikeshare Phase 1 Pilot in the amount of $11,065,673 contingent upon the execution of an MOU between the City of Los Angeles and Metro. Authorization of future phases will be presented for Board approval contingent upon successful completion and operation of the Phase 1 Pilot, and completion and operation of each subsequent phase, availability of funding and interest of participating communities (Attachment A). C. authorizing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to take the following actions to implement the Metro Countywide Bikeshare Phase 1 Pilot in downtown Los Angeles (“Pilot”): 1. negotiating and executing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between City of Los Angeles and Metro to set the terms of fiscal and administrative responsibility as describedapproved as amendedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0501 15.ProgramAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. preliminary transportation modal category funding marks; and B. fund estimate of $199.4 million; and. C. release of preliminary recommendations for the 2015 Countywide Call for Projects (Call) for distribution.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0477 16.ProgramAPPROVED the four recommendations detailed in Attachment A that address the following improvements to the Call for Projects (Call) process for future Calls beyond 2015: A. Strengthen Subregional Partnership in Countywide Call Process; B. Simplify and Improve the Call Process for Local Agencies; C. Strengthen Focus on Greenhouse Gas Reductions; and D. Maximize Funding Availability.approved as amendedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0476 17.ProgramAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. recertifying $76.8 million in existing Fiscal Year (FY) 2015-16 commitments from previously approved Countywide Calls for Projects and authorize the expenditure of funds to meet these commitments as shown in Attachment A; B. deobligating $29.1 $28.8 million of previously approved Countywide Calls for Projects funding, as shown in Attachment B. Continue to prioritize 2015 and future deobligated dollars to fund as the first priority the three previously approved County of Los Angeles Signal Call projects: 1) San Gabriel Valley Traffic Signal Corridors Project (#F3308); 2) Gateway Cities Traffic Signal Corridors Phase VI Project (#F3309); and 3) South Bay Traffic Signal Corridors Project (#F3310) that were not near-term priorities per the 2011 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Priority List, and the second priority, the City of Palmdale North County ITS - Palmdale Extension Project (#F7304); C. authorizing: 1. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to: 1) Negotiate and execute all necessary agreementsAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0365 18.ProgramAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the Wayfinding Signage Grant Pilot Program Guidelines as outlined in Attachment A.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0339 20.PolicyAPPROVED AS AMENDED BY Najarian Motion: A. receiving the Doran Street and Broadway/Brazil Safety and Access Project Study Report Equivalent (PSRE); and B. adopting Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) 2 from the PSRE to advance into the Final Environmental Document.approved as amendedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0954 20.1.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVED Najarian Motion to amend Item 20 so that staff proceeds with the Alternative 2 environmental work with the following stipulations: A. Staff to work with the City of Glendale and the City of Los Angeles on furthering this alternative; B. Staff to examine the access to the area without the Fairmont Connector; and C. Staff to report to the Metro Board periodically on progress in developing an alternative that meets the short term and long term goals of the region and local communities.approvedPass Action details Not available
2015-0680 21.Informational ReportAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR amending the Metro Gold Line Extension Phase 2A Funding Agreement to increase funds for Phase 2B for environmental, engineering and preconstruction activities.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0690 25.ContractAD HOC CONGESTION REDUCTION COMMITTEE FORWARDED DUE TO ABSENCES AND CONFLICTS awarding and executing a Firm Fixed Labor-Hour Contract No. AE275020011497 to Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) for a three-year period for ExpressLanes Program Management Support Services for a total contract value not-to-exceed $7,700,000.approvedPass Roll call Audio Audio
2015-0454 31.AgreementAUTHORIZED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the Chief Executive Officer to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the Los Angeles Trade Technical College for FY16 - FY18 to provide continuation services in support of the Rail Technical Training and Rail Apprentice Programs, for up to $500,000 each year for a total value of $1,500,000 to support Rail Technical Training for Metro’s workforce.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0688 32.ProjectSYSTEM SAFETY, SECURITY AND OPERATIONS COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED (4-0) approving nominees for membership on Metro’s San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and Westside Central Service Councils.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0612 33.Informational ReportRECEIVED AND FILED report responding to Motion 21: Bus Rapid Transit Service - Silver Line, brought forward at the February 2015 System Safety, Security and Operations Committee.received and filedPass Roll call Audio Audio
2015-0532 43.ContractAUTHORIZED UNDER RECONSIDERATION the Chief Executive Officer to execute Change Order 195.00 to Contract No. C0882, with Kiewit Infrastructure West Company, for settlement of Claim No.115 for the Additional Work for the Preparation of Fact Sheet Exceptions for Mandatory and Advisory Design Standards, in the Agreed to amount of $1,550,000, increasing the total contract value from $911,755,372 to $913,305,372. Requested funds are within the Life-of-Project (L-O-P) budget.approvedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0655 50.Informational ReportRECEIVE AND FILE status report on response to Board Motion No. 8: MTA Ridership (March 19, 2015) to develop an Action Plan to increase Metro ridership.approvedPass Action details Not available
2015-1040 50.1Motion / Motion ResponseI, THEREFORE, MOVE that the Board instruct the CEO to: A. Implement the Immediate Action Plan within existing budget resources as described by the Ridership Initiatives staff report, including but not limited to beginning implementation of a frequent bus network based on the Strategic Bus Network Plan currently under development. B. To complement the opening of the Expo Phase 2 and Gold Line Foothill Phase 2A rail lines, develop a bus service integration plan that takes advantage of new rail service and work with municipal operators located along those new extensions. C. Continue with further evaluation of cost, benefit, and implementation of Other Ridership Increase Strategies as described by the Ridership Initiatives staff report. D. Include the following additional programs in the study of Other Ridership Increase Strategies: 1. A list of bus service bottlenecks that would benefit from strategically-placed bus-only facilities 2. A specific plan to improve the accuracy and reliability and expand placement of real-time arrival countdown clocks at rail stations andapprovedPass Action details Not available
2015-0956 52.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVED Garcetti Motion that the Board instruct the CEO to: A. Reduce all potable water use by 20% by 2017 using 2015 as the benchmark. B. Restrict irrigation using potable water to no more than two days per week. Facilities will be required to post their watering schedules. Drip Irrigation systems are exempt. C. Remove or limit ornamental turf to reduce water consumption. 1. Initiate a turf removal program using all available rebates. 2. Replace landscaped areas with drought tolerant or California native plants during the renovation of existing facilities. 3. Where possible, limit potable water use to plant establishment. D. Within 90 days, report back on the status of all 15 water conservation strategies outlined in MTA’s 2010 Water Action Plan and an accelerated implementation plan that identifies additional water conservation efforts that can be implemented since the Plan’s adoption. E. By October 2015, MTA will disclose, via a public database, water use at all MTA facilities. The database is to be updated with each facility’s water billing cycle. This dapprovedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-0741 53.PolicyAUTHORIZED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to negotiate salaries within the pay range for the following positions: A. Chief Operations Officer, pay grade CC ($215,987 - $265,907 - $315,868) B. Chief Communications Officer, pay grade BB ($161,616 - $202,030 - $242,424)APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0750 61.Informational ReportAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR: A. receiving and filing response to Motion by Director James Butts; and B. directing the CEO to pursue in the 2016 State Legislative Session legislation that would clarify the status of Transit Security Officers and their authority.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0701 62.ContractAUTHORIZED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the Chief Executive Officer to execute Modification No. 12 to Contract No. PS2610LASD with the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) to provide law enforcement services for up to twelve (12) months for the period covering July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 in the amount of $102,851,600, thereby increasing the total contract value from $466,719,113 to $569,570,713.APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0839 64.ContractAUTHORIZED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to enter into a joint partnership agreement between the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the 2015 Special Olympics (World Games).APPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0865 65.Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPTED ON CONSENT CALENDAR the following positions: A. H.R. 2485 (Torres) - The Regional Infrastructure Accelerator Act of 2015 -SUPPORT B. H.R. 2495 (Waters) - TIGER Grants for Job Creation Act - SUPPORT C. H.R. 2410 (DeFazio) - The Grow America Act - SUPPORTAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0855 66.Informational ReportEXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE RECOMMENDED (3-0) adopting the following positions: A. SB 350 (De Leon) - The Golden State Standards. SUPPORT B. SB 32 (Pavley) - Green House Gas Emissions. SUPPORT C. AB 338 (Hernandez) - Sales Tax Measure. OPPOSEAPPROVED ON CONSENT CALENDAR  Action details Not available
2015-0484 67.ContractWITHDRAWN: authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to execute a cost-plus-fixed-fee Contract No. PS2415-3412 with STV, Inc. for the Brighton to Roxford Double Track Project in the amount of $12,500,000 $13,594,016, inclusive of all design phases. This contract is for three years.withdrawn  Action details Not available
2015-0969 68.Oral Report / PresentationRECEIVED update on State of California Special Session on Infrastructure.approvedPass Action details Audio Audio
2015-1041 68.1Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVED Garcetti, Antonovich, Ridley-Thomas and Krekorian Motion directing the CEO to: A. Amend the 2015 State Legislative Program to seek legislation which would authorize MTA to access private capital and resources to advance/accelerate infrastructure projects. B. Pursue and seek legislation for Public Private Partnership authority in the first extraordinary session of the State Legislature. C. Report back to the July 2015 Board with an update on the above and provide any guidance in order for the MTA to gain P3 authority.APPROVEDPass Action details Not available
2015-0972 69.Oral Report / PresentationELECTION of Board Officers.approvedPass Action details Audio Audio