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Meeting Name: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 4/28/2016 9:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012, 3rd Floor, Metro Board Room
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: 2016-04-28 RBM Minutes 2016-04-28 RBM Minutes  
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2016-0278 2.MinutesAPPROVE Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held March 24, 2016.   Not available Not available
2015-1765 5.ProgramAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and award All Risk Property and Boiler and Machinery Insurance Policies for all property at the current policy limits at a not to exceed price of $2.4 million for the 12-month period May 10, 2016 through May 10, 2017.   Not available Not available
2015-1804 6.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute contract modifications under Contract No. OP02461010 with Cubic Transportation Systems, Inc. (Cubic): A. Contract Modification No. 140 for the purchase and installation of 54 TAP Vending Machines (TVMs) at key Metro stations, in the amount of $5,194,834; and B. Contract Modification No. 94.03 for maintenance support services of these 54 TVMs in the amount of $838,211 through June 2019; increasing the total contract value by $6,033,045 from $253,351,430 to $259,384,475. No additional funds are being requested for Contract Modifications 140 and 94.03.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0153 28.PolicyADOPT: A. the finding of no Disparate Impact and no Disproportionate Burden resulting from proposed major service discontinuations and major new service proposals for June 2016 implementation (Attachment A); B. the finding that improving service on Line 704 to conform to the new loading standards creates a Disparate Impact but no Disproportionate Burden. The Disparate Impact is created because Line 704 serves an area significantly less minority than the county average and there is no alternative that is less discriminatory (Attachment A); and C. the finding of no Disparate Impact and no Disproportionate Burden for proposed exemption of Line 577 from express fare charge (Attachment B).   Not available Not available
2016-0182 29.ContractCONSIDER finding that a new procurement of 60’ advanced transit buses under Public Utilities Code (PUC) §130232 low bid requirement does not constitute a procurement method adequate for LACMTA’s needs. The Board, pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) §20217, hereby directs the procurement of up to four hundred (400) new 60’ advanced transit buses in a procurement by competitive negotiation. (REQUIRES TWO-THIRDS VOTE)   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0003 30.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a firm fixed-price Contract No. MA4829600, a single source procurement, to Hegenscheidt-MFD Corporation (USA) to perform a midlife overhaul of the Blue Line Wheel Truing Machine for $1,385,769.   Not available Not available
2016-0124 31.ContractAWARD a three-year, firm fixed price Contract No. PS4443900HONEYWELL, a sole source procurement, to Honeywell International, Inc. (Honeywell) for the Platform Track Intrusion Detection System (PTIDS) pilot program for an amount of $1,553,050 inclusive of sales tax. The contract includes both labor and materials, including project management support, installation and demonstration planning, system design and testing, and training of Metro staff on installation. Materials will include the PTIDS system, to be installed at three station platform sides on the Metro Rail system.   Not available Not available
2016-0247 36.Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPT staff recommended position: AB 1964 (Bloom) - Alternative Fuel Vehicle HOV Lane Access WORK WITH AUTHOR   Not available Not available
2016-0269 37.Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPT staff recommended positions: A. AB 1595 (Campos) - Human Trafficking Training Requirements SUPPORT B. AB 2222 (Holden) - Transit Passes SUPPORT IF AMENDED C. AB 2742 (Nazarian) - Public Private Partnerships SUPPORT D. SB 824 (Beall) - Low Carbon Transit Operations Program SUPPORT E. SB 951 (McGuire) - Golden State Patriot Pass Program SUPPORT   Not available Not available
2016-0325 39.Informational ReportCONSIDER Motion by Directors Krekorian, Kuehl, Garcetti and Antonovich that the Board of Directors direct the CEO to implement a Rapid bus running along Nordhoff and Osborne Streets, providing service between the Rapid 794 line and the Nordhoff stop of the Metro Orange Line. Metro bus operations should work with the university to ensure that service is provided late enough into the evening to accommodate all students, faculty and staff who would need to remain on campus until later hours. FURTHER MOVE that Metro staff study utilizing all-door boarding along this line, similar to the pilot project that has been very successful along the Rapid 720 line at reducing dwell times and speeding up headways.   Not available Not available
2016-0340 3.Oral Report / PresentationReport by the Chair.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0342 4.Oral Report / PresentationReport by the Chief Executive Officer.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0211 7.ResolutionADOPT a resolution, Attachment A, that: A. AUTHORIZES the issuance of bonds by competitive sale to refund the Proposition C Series 2006-A Bonds (the “2006-A Bonds") in one or more transactions, consistent with the Debt Policy; B. APPROVES the forms of Notice of Intention to Sell Bonds, Notice Inviting Bids, Supplemental Trust Agreement, Continuing Disclosure Agreement, Escrow Agreement, and Preliminary Official Statement, all subject to modification as set forth in the resolution; and C. AUTHORIZES taking all action necessary to achieve the foregoing, including, without limitation, the further development and execution of bond documentation associated with the issuance of the Bonds. (REQUIRES SEPARATE, SIMPLE MAJORITY BOARD VOTE)   Not available Audio Audio
2015-1729 10.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to award a 30-month firm fixed price Contract No. AE469080015383, to CH2M Hill Inc. in the amount of $30,975,446 for Architecture and Engineering (A&E) services for Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) for I-5 North Managed Lanes.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0123 12.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award a 36-month cost plus fixed fee Contract No. AE476110012334, to Michael Baker International, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $7,762,669 for Architectural and Engineering (A&E) services for the preparation of the Project Approval and Environmental Document (PAED) on Westbound SR-91, from Shoemaker Avenue to the I-605/SR-91 Interchange.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0162 13.ProgramCONSIDER: A. ADOPTING findings of the Environmental Analysis for the Metro Countywide Bike Share Phase I Pilot in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA Pilot) that the project qualifies for a CEQA Categorical Exemption under the Section 15303 (Class 3) New Construction or Conversion of Small Structures exemption (Attachment A); B. AUTHORIZING staff to file the Notice of Exemption for the DTLA Pilot; and C. ADOPTING findings of the Title VI and Environmental Justice Analysis for the DTLA Pilot that no Disparate Impact and no Disproportionate Burden associated with the project (Attachment B).   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0209 14.ProjectAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to enter into a Funding Agreement (FA) for the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor - Sustainable Transit Oriented Communities Predevelopment and Planning Activities (Operation Shovel Ready) with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (COG), to be led by the Eco-Rapid Transit Joint Powers Authority (JPA) for near-term project activities in response to the Metro Board February 2016 directive, in an amount not-to-exceed $230,800.   Not available Not available
2016-0231 15.ProgramCONSIDER: A. APPROVING the revised Resolution in Attachment A that authorizes the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or his designee to claim $16,825,598 in fiscal year (FY) 2015-16 Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) grant funds for one year of Gold Line Foothill Extension Phase 2A operations and one year of Expo Line Phase 2 operations; and B. APPROVING the Resolution in Attachment B that certifies that Metro will comply with the LCTOP Certification and Assurances and the Authorized Agent requirements, and authorizes the CEO or his designee to execute all required documents and any amendments with the California Department of Transportation.   Not available Not available
2016-0252 16.PolicyCONSIDER: A. SUPPORTING the establishment of the proposed Hollywood Western Business Improvement District (“BID”) in the City of Los Angeles and the resulting assessments on properties within the District boundaries owned by Metro; and B. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer or his delegate to sign any necessary petition and cast any subsequent ballots in support of the BID and property assessments.   Not available Not available
2016-0279 19.Informational ReportRECEIVE AND FILE report on Capital Project Construction Management Best Practices Study.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0251 20.Oral Report / PresentationRECEIVE Oral Report by the Program Management Executive Director.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0235 22.ProjectCONSIDER: A. ESTABLISHING a total budget of $3.5 million for the design phase of the Portal Widening and preliminary design of the Turnback Facility at Division 20 to accommodate system capacity need; and B. AMENDING the FY16 budget to include $0.8M for start of design efforts.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0144 24.Informational ReportRECEIVE AND FILE status report on the February 2016 Public Hearings.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0368 36.1Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPT staff recommended position: SB 1362 (Mendoza) - Metro Transit Security WORK WITH AUTHOR SUPPORT   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0371 40.Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPT staff recommended position: SB 1018 (Liu) - State Route 710 North Study: Cost Benefit Analysis OPPOSE   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0273 41.Public HearingCONSIDER: A. HOLDING a public hearing on the proposed Resolution of Necessity. B. ADOPTING the Resolution of Necessity authorizing the commencement of an eminent domain action to acquire Project Parcel W-3603 (APN: 4319-001-007), consisting of the real property and the Improvements Pertaining to the Realty (hereinafter the “Property” as identified in Attachment A). (REQUIRES TWO-THIRDS VOTE)   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0280 42.PolicyCONSIDER: A. HOLDING a public hearing on the proposed Amended Resolution of Necessity; B. ADOPTIING an amended Resolution of Necessity clarifying the nature of the property rights to be acquired in the pending eminent domain action against Japanese Village, LLC, et al (hereinafter "Owner"), in support of the Metro Regional Connector Transit Corridor Project, including a provision for the bifurcation of the existing subsurface tunnel easements, and for the outgrant to the Property Owner of the space between the bifurcated tunnel easements in the context of Metro’s long-range plans affecting the Property. (REQUIRES TWO-THIRDS VOTE)   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0339 43.Motion / Motion ResponseMOTION by Director Knabe that the MTA Board instruct the CEO to report back to the Board during the May 2016 Board cycle with: A. a quarterly report on the status of the Airport Connector project; B. information on why the project’s delivery date may be later than previously reported to the Board and identifying options for putting the project back on schedule for accelerated delivery; and C. a recommendation based on staff’s analysis.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0341 44.Motion / Motion ResponseMOTION by Directors Knabe, Dubois and Butts that the Board instruct the CEO to report to the Board during the May 2016 Board cycle with copies of the draft “Financial Forecasting Model for the Potential Ballot Measure Expenditure Plan” for review and discussion by the Board at the May 26, 2016 Board meeting.   Not available Audio Audio
2016-0375 45.Motion / Motion ResponseMOTION by Directors Antonovich and Kuehl that the Metro Board directs the CEO to return to the Board within 120 days with a comprehensive plan that identifies strategies to develop effective partnerships with ridesource companies. This plan will also include an identification of obstacles in partnering with these companies, strategies to overcome these obstacles, and a review of benefit to the public as a result of partnering with these companies.   Not available Audio Audio