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Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Board of Directors - Regular Board Meeting Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 3/23/2023 10:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority One Gateway Plaza 3rd Floor Board Room
Watch online: Listen by phone: Dial 888-251-2949 and enter Access Code: 8231160# (English) or 4544724# (Español) To give written or live public comment, please see the top of page 4
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
Meeting video: eComment: Not available  
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2023-0191 3.Oral Report / PresentationRECEIVE remarks by the Chair.   Not available Not available
2023-0192 4.Oral Report / PresentationRECEIVE report by the Chief Executive Officer.   Not available Not available
2023-0004 13.ResolutionADOPT a Resolution (Attachment A) that authorizes the issuance and sale of up to $330 million in aggregate principal amount of the Proposition C Sales Tax Revenue Refunding Bonds in one or more series, and the taking of all other actions necessary in connection with the issuance of the refunding bonds. (REQUIRES SEPARATE, SIMPLE MAJORITY BOARD VOTE)   Not available Not available
2023-0056 19.Motion / Motion ResponseRECEIVE AND FILE report on funding plans for the West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) and Metro L (Gold) Line Foothill Extension in response to Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program Cycle 6 Grant Application Motion #49.1 (Attachment A).   Not available Not available
2022-0868 23.PolicyCONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate and execute contract modifications to extend the current multi-agency transit law enforcement contracts annually for up to three additional years, through June 30, 2026, utilizing funds to be requested during future fiscal years’ budget processes, contingent on compliance with the principles of Metro’s Bias-Free Policing Policy and the Public Safety Analytics Policy; and B. REPORTING back to the Board in April 2023 on the feasibility of establishing an in-house Metro Transit Police Department to support Metro’s Public Safety Mission and Value Statements.   Not available Not available
2023-0112 36.Informational ReportRECEIVE AND FILE the Public Safety Report.   Not available Not available
2023-0208 37.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVE Motion by Directors Solis, Mitchell, Barger, Hahn, Horvath, and Bass that the Board direct the CEO to: A. Prepare a plan dedicating the L (Gold) Line East LA Civic Center station in honor of the trailblazer Los Angeles County Supervisor and Metro Board Director Gloria Molina; and B. Report back on the above at the June 2023 Executive Management Committee meeting.   Not available Not available
2023-0087 38.PolicyCONSIDER: A. HOLDING a public hearing on the proposed Resolutions of Necessity; and B. ADOPTING the Resolutions of Necessity authorizing the commencement of an eminent domain action to acquire a 28-month Temporary Construction Easement (“TCE”) interest from the properties located at: 13127 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, CA, APN:8141-033-006, CPN: 81781-1; 13205 Whittier Boulevard Whittier, CA, APN:8142-033-052, CPN: 81782-1; 13241 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, CA, APN:8142-033-068, CPN: 81783-1, -2 13301 Whittier Boulevard, Whittier, CA, APN:8142-033-069, CPN: 81784-1; 8421 Painter Avenue, Whittier, CA, APN:8142-033-070, CPN: 81785-1; The above listed requirements are collectively identified as the “Property Interests” as identified in (Attachment A). (REQUIRES TWO-THIRDS VOTE OF THE FULL BOARD)   Not available Not available
2023-0193 2.MinutesAPPROVE Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held February 23, 2023.   Not available Not available
2022-0849 5.ProgramCONSIDER:? A. APPROVING project selection and programming of $1,000,000 for the Recreation Access Competitive Grant Program (Attachment A). B. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or her designee to negotiate and execute all?necessary agreements for approved projects. C. AUTHORIZING the CEO or her designee to adjust programming amounts, including, but not limited to, soliciting additional project applications, shifting funding amounts between the awarded projects, and/or increasing award amounts should additional funding become available.   Not available Not available
2023-0092 6.ProgramCONSIDER: A. APPROVING the programming of $246.7 million in federal Surface Transportation Block Grant Program (STBGP) funds for Access Services for Fiscal Years (FY) 2024 through FY 2026, as shown in Attachment A; and B. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer or their designee to negotiate and execute funding agreements between Metro and Access Services.   Not available Not available
2023-0183 7.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Dutra, Solis, and Barger that the Board direct the Chief Executive Officer to work collaboratively with the West Santa Ana Branch Corridor City manager Technical Advisory Committee , Gateway Cities Council of Governments, Eco Rapid Transit Joint Powers Authority, local elected officials, community-based organizations, schools and colleges, and residents along the corridor in order to rebrand the West Santa Ana Branch, including (a) renaming the project no later than January 2024 that represent the community character and local context, (b) developing a robust communication strategy to get input for and from CBOs, corridor cities residents and businesses, and key stakeholders, and (c) report back on progress toward these directives on a quarterly basis, beginning in June 2023.   Not available Not available
2023-0048 10.PolicyCONSIDER: A. ADOPTING the Investment Policy in Attachment A; B. APPROVING the Financial Institutions Resolution authorizing financial institutions to honor signatures of LACMTA Officials, Attachment B; and C. DELEGATING to the Treasurer or his/her designees, the authority to invest funds for a one-year period, pursuant to California Government Code (“Code”) Section 53607.   Not available Not available
2023-0054 12.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to award ten- (10) year bench Contract Nos. PS45150000 through PS45150007, for investment management services, to the firms listed below, for a total not-to-exceed amount of $12,393,750 for the initial five-year base term, plus $12,393,750 for the five-year option term, for a combined not-to-exceed amount of $24,787,500, effective April 1, 2023, subject to resolution of protest(s), if any: A. Discipline 1: Intermediate duration fixed income managers 1.1 LM Capital Group, LLC 1.2 RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.), Inc. 1.3 Chandler Asset Management, Inc. 1.4 US Bancorp Asset Management, Inc. 1.5 Payden & Rygel B. Discipline 2: Short-term duration fixed income managers 2.1 CSM Advisors, LLC dba CS McKee 2.2 Longfellow Investment Management Co., LLC 2.3 US Bancorp Asset Management, Inc. 2.4 Loop Capital Asset Management 2.5 Payden & Rygel 2.6 RBC Global Asset Management (U.S.), Inc.   Not available Not available
2023-0129 15.Federal Legislation / State Legislation (Position)ADOPT staff recommended positions: A. AB 463 (Hart) Electricity: prioritization of service: public transit vehicles. - WORK WITH AUTHOR B. AB 761 (Friedman) Transit Transformation Task Force. - SUPPORT   Not available Not available
2023-0074 16.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to: A. EXECUTE Modification No. 5 to Contract No. PS41099B - License to Sell and Display Advertising on Metro Bus System, with OUTFRONT Media Group, LLC, to: 1. Revise Revenue Compensation to LACMTA, to adjust the minimum annual guaranteed (MAG) payments and annual true-up revenue shares for the remainder of the contract as depicted in Attachment A - Revenue Summary; 2. Extend the Contract period of performance for an additional two years from February 28, 2028, to February 28, 2030, to help recover revenue lost during the COVID pandemic; 3. Increase Metro’s share of voice (agency ad space) from 10% to 15% as part of the media inventory where the Contractor covers materials and services. B. EXECUTE Modification No. 3 to Contract No. PS41099R - License to Sell and Display Advertising on Metro Rail System, with Intersection Parent, Inc. to: 1. Revise Revenue Compensation to LACMTA to adjust the minimum annual guaranteed (MAG) payments and annual true-up revenue shares for the remainder of the contracts as depicted in Attachment A - Revenue Summ   Not available Not available
2023-0089 18.ProjectAPPROVE: A. the finding that Mobility Wallets are exempt from federal income tax because the payments promote the general welfare of low-income eligible participants and do not represent compensation for service; and B. an amendment to the existing Mobility Wallet Pilot Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Los Angeles and Metro to increase funding from the City by $3,743,230, increasing the total funding from $756,770 to $4.5 million for Metro to lead the implementation and distribution of the Mobility Wallets. (Attachment A).   Not available Not available
2023-0184 20.Motion / Motion ResponseAPPROVE Motion by Directors Hahn, Mitchell, Najarian, Dupont-Walker, and Horvath that the Board direct the Chief Executive Officer to: A. Identify priority bus stops within each local jurisdiction based upon data, including but not limited to: 1. Ridership per line and stop; 2. Existing bus stop amenities such as seating, shelters, and lighting 3. Heat island index 4. EFCs 5. Safety related incidents over the last three year B. Share all available bus stop data with each applicable jurisdiction; C. Inventory transportation funding sources which can be leveraged to help local jurisdictions deliver bus stop improvements, including Metro-controlled and pass-through sources as well as both formula and competitive programs; D. Recommend technical, financial, and other ways for Metro to support bus stop improvements by local jurisdictions, prioritizing such improvements in Equity Focus Communities; E. In consultation with jurisdictions, host a bus stop summit to review the state of bus shelters, including examples of best practices and a vendor showcase; F. As part of the annual loc   Not available Not available
2022-0631 26.ContractCONSIDER: A. AUTHORIZING the Chief Executive Officer to award a firm-fixed-price contract, Contract No. OP92098000, to Nixon-Egli Equipment Company, for one (1) Overheard Catenary System (OCS) Stinger Truck for a firm fixed price of $882,520.78, inclusive of sales tax, subject to resolution of any properly submitted protest(s) if any; and B. FINDING that there is only a single source of procurement for the item(s) set forth in Recommendation A above and that the purchase is for the sole purpose of duplicating or replacing supply, equipment, or material already in use, as defined under Public Utilities Code 130237. (REQUIRES TWO-THIRDS VOTE OF THE FULL BOARD)   Not available Not available
2023-0014 27.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute contract modifications for four current Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) contracts in an aggregate amount of $4,645,000 thereby increasing the contract amounts from $18,020,679 to $22,665,679 and extending the periods of performance for the following contracts: · Beat 24: T.G. Towing, Inc. Contract No. FSP2833200FSP1424, for $710,000 for up to 5 months, increasing the total contract amount from $4,696,302 to $5,406,302; · Beat 29: Platinum Tow & Transport, Inc. Contract No. FSP3470600B29, for $495,000 for up to 5 months, increasing the total contract amount from $4,145,024 to $4,640,024; · Beat 42: Platinum Tow & Transport Contract No. FSP2842100FSP1442, for $275,000 for up to 5 months, increasing the total contract amount from $3,964,231 to $4,239,231; and · Beat 61: All City Towing Contract No. FSP5769100B61, for $3,165,000 for up to 25 months, increasing the total contract amount from $5,215,122 to $8,380,122.   Not available Not available
2023-0060 28.ContractAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to execute Modification No. 14 to Contract No. OP962800003367 with Nationwide Environmental Services, a Division of Joe’s Sweeping Services, Inc., to provide power sweeping services for Metro’s transit facilities in the amount of $1,902,420, increasing the contract three-year base authority from $6,841,346 to $8,743,766 and extending the period of performance from June 01, 2023, through May 31, 2024.   Not available Not available
2023-0118 31.ContractAUTHORIZE: A. the Chief Executive Officer to execute Modification No. 10 to Contract No. PS46292001 with RideCo., Inc., for the MicroTransit Pilot Project, to extend the period of performance from April 1, 2023, through September 30, 2023, in an amount not to exceed $8,292,453, increasing the Total Contract Value from $35,131,602 to $43,424,055; and B. an increase in the Contract Modification Authority (CMA) in the amount of $829,245, or 10% of the total Contract Modification No. 10 value, increasing the total authorized CMA amount from $100,000 to a new CMA amount of $929,245 and execute individual Contract Modifications within the Board approved CMA.   Not available Not available
2022-0487 33.Motion / Motion ResponseADOPT: A. The Bias-Free Policing Policy (Attachment A); and B. The Public Safety Analytics Policy (Attachment B).   Not available Not available
2022-0291 34.Informational ReportAPPROVE the revised Metro Customer Code of Conduct (Attachment A) effective June 1, 2023.   Not available Not available
2022-0648 35.PlanAUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer to amend the FY23 Budget to add 48 Metro Transit Security full-time equivalent (FTE) positions to include 44 Transit Security Officers, three Supervisors, and one Director, Transit Security (Captain).   Not available Not available
2023-0194  Informational ReportRECEIVE General Public Comment   Not available Not available