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File #: 2017-0696   
Type: Program Status: Passed
File created: 10/5/2017 In control: Planning and Programming Committee
On agenda: 11/15/2017 Final action: 11/30/2017
Title: APPROVE the programming of up to $481,845,000 for the 2018 Los Angeles County Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) as shown in Attachment A.
Sponsors: Planning and Programming Committee
Indexes: Budgeting, California Transportation Commission, Formula Funds, Program, Regional Transportation Improvement Program, State Transportation Improvement Program, Transportation Improvement Program
Attachments: 1. Attachment A - 2018 RTIP for Los Angeles County, 2. Attachment B - Projects Proposed for Programming, 3. Attachment C - Evaluative Criteria Framework, 4. 2018 RTIP Board Powerpoint Presentation
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NOVEMBER 15, 2017













APPROVE the programming of up to $481,845,000 for the 2018 Los Angeles County Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) as shown in Attachment A.





In August 2017, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) adopted the 2018 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Fund Estimate, which provides new funding capacity over the five-year STIP period from Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 through FY 2023. In September 2017, the Board approved the State and Federal Funding Evaluative Criteria Framework designed to strategically guide Metro’s considerations and pursuits of state and federal discretionary and formula funding programs.


Board adoption of the 2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) for Los Angeles (LA) County will help secure formula funds for projects that are less competitive for other discretionary programs and those that have a low tolerance for risk. Approving this recommendation is consistent with the Board-approved 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan priorities, and meets the State and Federal Funding Evaluative Criteria.






The STIP is a five-year capital improvement program of transportation projects on and off the State Highway System.  Every two years, the CTC adopts a new STIP cycle adding two new years of funding capacity to the rolling five-year program.  The last STIP was adopted by the CTC in May 2016. The 2018 STIP covers the five-year period from FY 2018-19 (FY 2019) through FY 2023. The STIP contains two portions. The first portion, the RTIP, accounts for 75% of the total STIP and is directly programmed by Regional Transportation Planning Agencies and County Transportation Commissions. The RTIP portion is the subject of the recommendations of this report. The second portion is the Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP), which consists of the remaining 25% of the STIP and is directly programmed by Caltrans.


Relationship to the 2016 STIP

In the 2016 STIP, the revised final STIP Fund Estimate (FE) was negative, resulting in project deletions rather than new programming. Roughly $74 million was deleted from LA County’s program. The 2018 STIP FE fully restores $754 million in statewide deletions. Additionally, it provides $1.5 billion for the regions and the state to program additional projects. In developing the 2018 RTIP, staff first restored prior funding commitments previously deleted from the 2016 STIP, consistent with CTC priorities (Attachment B). Next, staff utilized the Evaluative Criteria Framework to ensure that the program of projects proposed satisfies each of the principles the framework sets forth (Attachment C).


Proposed 2018 RTIP

Consistent with the Evaluative Criteria Framework, staff aimed to strategically apply formula funds for projects that are less likely to compete well in discretionary programs and those that have a low tolerance for risk. In addition, staff looked to reduce the charge rate associated with Caltrans support activities by looking for opportunities to fund those costs with state dollars, which are subject to a lower Indirect Cost Rate Proposal (ICRP). Based on these considerations and the assessment of the other criteria, staff recommends programming STIP funds for the program of projects as shown in Attachment A and described in Attachment B.


In order to be positioned to receive funding up to the maximum LA County target of $481,845,000, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) must prepare an RTIP proposing the programming of those dollars for eligible projects through the STIP period. In addition to the total target shares of $317,185,000, the 2018 STIP includes an Advanced Project Development Element (APDE) target for LA County of $54,170,000. Programming APDE would allow Metro to advance a portion of future STIP shares to fund project development work, including environmental and design elements. Up to an additional $110,490,000 could be advanced to LA County projects from future shares under the maximum target if other counties program less than their total targets.  Board-approved programming must be submitted to the CTC by the December 15, 2017 deadline for the 2018 STIP process. Therefore, staff seeks board approval of the 2018 RTIP (Attachment A) and the three tiers of funding as follows:



Interregional Transportation Improvement Program

Caltrans is responsible for developing the Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP), consistent with the Interregional Transportation Strategic Plan (ITSP), which the CTC adopts as a component of the STIP.  Staff worked with Caltrans District 7 to propose three projects in LA County for the 2018 ITIP, of which Caltrans Headquarters has included one in their Draft 2018 ITIP. The Draft ITIP includes $7 million for the Rosecrans Marquardt Grade Separation project, proposed in FY 2020. Staff continues to work with Caltrans and the CTC to include ITIP funding for the I-5 Corridor Improvements Project between the I-605 and the I-710, which is a part of Operation Shovel-Ready.  We are seeking a total of $16 million for that project in FY 2019.





Adoption of the 2018 RTIP will authorize staff to seek funds to make safety and other mobility improvements in several areas of the county.





Approval of the 2018 RTIP for LA County would have no negative financial impact to the county. The 2018 RTIP fulfills prior and anticipated funding commitments for transportation projects within LA County.


Impact to Budget


The approval of the 2018 RTIP has no impact to the FY 2018 budget.





The Board could elect to reject the staff recommendation for the 2018 RTIP. This option is not recommended as it would force LA County to surrender the formula funds available through the 2018 STIP period. This would be detrimental to the project funding for the projects proposed herein.  Staff has identified a geographically and modally balanced set of priority projects, which is consistent with state guidelines and the evaluation criteria framework approved by the Board in September 2017.





With Board approval of our recommendation, staff will proceed with and monitor the following steps to securing the 2018 LA County RTIP submittal:


                     Submit RTIP request to CTC - December 15, 2017


                     CTC Southern California STIP hearing - January 25, 2018


                     CTC publishes staff recommendations - February 28, 2018


                     CTC adopts STIP - March 21-22, 2018









Attachment A - 2018 RTIP for Los Angeles County

Attachment B - Projects Proposed for Programming

Attachment C - Evaluative Criteria Framework to Guide 2018 RTIP Development



Prepared by: Zoe Unruh, Principal Transportation Planner, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-2465

Patricia Chen, Senior Director, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-3041

Wil Ridder, EO, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 922-2887

Laurie Lombardi, SEO, Countywide Planning & Development, (213) 418-3251



Reviewed by: Therese W. McMillan, Chief Planning Officer, (213) 922-7077