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File #: 2018-0574   
Type: Contract Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 8/27/2018 In control: Planning and Programming Committee
On agenda: 11/14/2018 Final action:
Title: AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to: A. AWARD 29 bench Contract Nos. PS54330000 through PS54330028 under the Countywide Planning and Development Bench for professional services with the contractors recommended in Attachment A-1 for a three-year base period in the funding amount of $25 million, with two, one-year options, in the funding amount of $5 million for each option year, for a not-to-exceed cumulative total funding amount of $35 million, subject to resolution of protest(s) if any: 1. Discipline 1 - Transportation Planning: 1.1. AECOM Technical Services, Inc 1.2. Cambridge Systematics, Inc. 1.3. CH2M Hill, Inc. 1.4. Chen Ryan Associates, Inc. (SBE/DBE) 1.5. Fehr & Peers 1.6. HDR Engineering, Inc. 1.7. Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. 1.8. Mott MacDonald, LLC 1.9. Steer 1.10. STV Incorporated 1.11. TransLink Consulting, LLC (SBE/DBE) 1.12. WSP USA; 2. Discipline 2 - Environmental Planning: 2.1. AECOM Technical Services, Inc. 2.2. HDR Engineering, Inc. 2.3. STV Incorpo...
Sponsors: Planning and Programming Committee
Indexes: Construction management, Contractors, Contracts, Disadvantaged business enterprises, Financial analysis, Geographic information systems, Land use, Measure M, Procurement, Professional Services, Project, Project management, Research, Research management, Small Business Enterprise, Strategic planning, Traffic engineering, Transportation Development Act - Article 4, Transportation Development Act of 1971
Attachments: 1. Attachment A - Procurement Summary.pdf, 2. Attachment A - 1- Recommended Firms by Discipline.pdf, 3. Attachment B - DEOD Summary.pdf, 4. Presentation
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NOVEMBER 14, 2018












AUTHORIZE the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to:


A.                     AWARD 29 bench Contract Nos. PS54330000 through PS54330028 under the Countywide Planning and Development Bench for professional services with the contractors recommended in Attachment A-1 for a three-year base period in the funding amount of $25 million, with two, one-year options, in the funding amount of $5 million for each option year, for a not-to-exceed cumulative total funding amount of $35 million, subject to resolution of protest(s) if any:

1.                     Discipline 1 - Transportation Planning:

1.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc

1.2.                     Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

1.3.                     CH2M Hill, Inc.

1.4.                     Chen Ryan Associates, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

1.5.                     Fehr & Peers

1.6.                     HDR Engineering, Inc.

1.7.                     Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

1.8.                     Mott MacDonald, LLC

1.9.                     Steer

1.10.                     STV Incorporated

1.11.                     TransLink Consulting, LLC (SBE/DBE)

1.12.                     WSP USA;

2.                     Discipline 2 - Environmental Planning:

2.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

2.2.                     HDR Engineering, Inc.

2.3.                     STV Incorporated

2.4.                     Terry A. Hayes Associates, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

2.5.                     WSP USA;

3.                     Discipline 3 - Traffic/Transportation Engineering:

3.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

3.2.                     Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

3.3.                     CH2M Hill, Inc.

3.4.                     FPL and Associates, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

3.5.                     HDR Engineering, Inc.

3.6.                     Iteris, Inc.

3.7.                     KOA Corporation

3.8.                     Mott MacDonald, LLC;

4.                     Discipline 4 - Economic  and Financial Analysis:

4.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

4.2.                     Arup Advisory, Inc.

4.3.                     BAE Urban Economics, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

4.4.                     Morgner Construction Management (SBE/DBE)

4.5.                     WSP USA;

5.                     Discipline 5 - Community Design and Land Use:

5.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

5.2.                     BASE Architecture, Planning & Engineering, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

5.3.                     M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates, Inc

5.4.                     Gruen Associates

5.5.                     Here Design Studio, LLC (SBE/DBE)

5.6.                     John Kaliski Architects (SBE);

6.                     Discipline 6 - Sustainability/Active Transportation:

6.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

6.2.                     Alta Planning + Design

6.3.                     Chen Ryan Associates, Inc. (SBE/DBE)

6.4.                     Fehr and Peers;

7.                     Discipline 7 - Demand Modeling and Geographic Information System:

7.1.                     AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

7.2.                     Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

7.3.                     WSP USA;

8.                     Discipline 8 - Data Base Development and Data Analysis:

8.1.                     Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

8.2.                     Iteris, Inc.;

9.                     Discipline 9 - Real Estate Project Management:

9.1.                     Tierra West Advisors, Inc. (SBE/DBE);

10.                     Discipline 10 - Research and Surveying:

10.1.                     Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

10.2.                     ETC Institute

10.3.                     Moore & Associates, Inc.

10.4.                     Redhill Group, Inc. (SBE); and


B.                     EXECUTE individual task orders under the Bench Contracts for up to $1 million per task order.





Metro’s Countywide Planning and Development (CPD) department requires a bench contract for professional services with ten disciplines: transportation planning, environmental planning, traffic/transportation engineering, economic and financial analysis, community design and land use, sustainability/active transportation, demand modeling and geographic information system, database development and data analysis, real estate project management, and research and surveying.


A list of the qualified contractors for each discipline is shown in Attachment A-1.  Depending on the scope of services, the project manager will decide which discipline is to be used.  A task order will be awarded to a contractor in a specific discipline at the completion of a competitive procurement process.





Over the past four years, CPD’s needs have evolved with some disciplines no longer needed and some covered in other bench contracts. In addition, new disciplines have been identified due to Measure M and scopes of services have been expanded in other functional units.  Disciplines included in the existing Bench were evaluated and updated to reflect the evolving needs of the department.


The CPD Bench has been widely used by project managers within CPD and other departments throughout Metro to expedite different technical studies.  Many of the projects and studies listed in the Bench contract categories are small- or mid-scale that, once identified, must be initiated and completed in a relatively short period of time. The CPD Bench will allow task orders to be awarded more efficiently since the initial qualification reviews have been completed.





The current CPD Bench has been utilized over the past four years and has proven to be a very successful method in reducing staff resources expended on the procurement of service contracts and allowing for projects to be completed in a more efficient manner. The authorized funding amount under the current Bench, which expires December 2018, is $30 million with 17 disciplines, with individual task orders issued in a not-to--exceed amount of $1 million. Since the Bench was established in 2013, 51 task orders have been awarded totaling $29.2 million.


Staff is recommending the total funding value of $35 million for this new CPD Bench in anticipation of increasing costs and higher demand for technical consultant services in the next five years.  However, there may be unforeseen requirements for other project changes or schedule acceleration which may exceed existing assumptions and exhaust the approved total contract value before the end of contract period.  Under these circumstances, if needed, staff will return to the Board requesting for contract funding amendment.





The approval of this Bench will not have any impact on the safety of our customers and employees.





Adoption of the CPD Bench will have no impact on the existing FY19 budget. Funding for FY19 has been included in the CPD budget in numerous cost centers and projects.  Each task order awarded to a contractor will be funded with the source of funds identified for that project.  Since this is a multi-year contract, the cost center manager and Chief Planning Officer will be responsible for budgeting costs in future years, including any options exercised.


Impact to Budget


The funding for these task orders is dependent upon the specific project.  Generally, Propositions A and C, Measure M and Transportation Development Act (TDA) Administration funds used for planning activities which are not eligible for bus or rail capital and operating will be used.




CPD Bench will allow task orders to be awarded more efficiently since the initial qualification reviews have been completed.  It is critical to expedite the procurement process to complete long range planning, mobility corridors planning, community mobility planning and other technical studies in order to meet tight project schedules. 


Approving the recommendation for the CPD Bench aligns with Strategic Goal 4: Transform Los Angeles County through regional collaboration and national leadership.





The Board could choose not to approve the recommendations.  This is not recommended as the award of these task orders would then be pursued as separate procurements which, for each task order, could potentially take up to nine months to complete. This would limit our ability to respond quickly to needs and to meet tight project delivery schedule constraints. Additionally, extending the existing Bench is also recommended as this Bench was created five years ago. The approval of this Bench contract will create new contracting opportunities. The Board could also elect not to approve the CEO's authority to award individual task orders up to $1million.  This is not recommended as our experience has shown that the cost of professional service contracts is higher than five years ago. Also, the requested task order threshold is needed as it will allow for more mid-scale project procurements to be expedited.





Upon Board approval, staff will establish and execute the Bench contracts. As needed, staff will solicit responses to individual task orders from specific disciplines. SBE, DVBE and/or DBE goal requirements will be set for each individual task order.  We will report annually to the Board on the usage of the CPD Bench.





Attachment A - Procurement Summary

Attachment A-1 - Recommended Firms by Discipline

Attachment B - DEOD Summary



Prepared by: Linnea Berg, Sr. Manager, Transportation Planning, (213) 922-2815 Regina Li-Armijo, Director, Finance & Administrative Management Services, (213) 922-7214


Reviewed by: Therese W. McMillan, Chief Planning Officer, (213) 922-7077

                                           Debra Avila, Chief Vendor/Contract Management Officer, (213) 418-3051